Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"She Keeps On Passing Me By"......Meritage Restaurant

   Anybody remember The Bermuda Triangle? It was the "boogieman" of my childhood. It didn't matter what you were riding in back then, that was an area you wanted to avoid. Ships, planes, and people went missing. And the stories of the Triangle went missing. I miss the Bermuda Triangle. I remembered the "unexplained phenomena" of the Triangle, because I think I might have experienced a interesting phenomena. On the corner of 20th and Lombard there is a restaurant that can sense me coming. After it senses me coming it unleashes mystical powers to keep me from eating there. It heard I wanted a Thursday Night special of Korean Fried Chicken a few months ago. It knew I worked Thursdays. It probably called my boss to ensure I would never get the night off or be able to leave early.
   It has recently heard of my fascination with foie gras. It knew its foie gras dumplings would lure me in. And for 3 weeks it kept me away. I believe the Adjustment Bureau was trying to keep me from meeting my dream girl. I wonder if my Elise was a Latina redhead. After all of Meritage's methods failed and I made it through the doors, it ran out of the dumplings. The two dishes I had at the bar were amazing. It made me realize what a gifted kitchen would be able to do with those elusive dumplings. Instead I leave unfulfilled. I guess I know what all those people who kept watching Lost (after I warned them not too) felt like.

The Skinny Fat Kid

500 S 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19146-1302
(215) 985-1922

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