Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Problem with early morning flights

   As I sit in the B terminal of Philadelphia International Airport I notice I have a problem.  I don't sit still well.  I could probably use the opportunity to get some reading done or catch up on writing, but I doubt either will happen.  The airport is always kept too cold at this time of day to be comfortable. I am also anxious to just get on the damn plane. It is one of the few times I hate being responsible and on time. I also think 8 in the morning is too early for a drink at the airport bar although I am sure it is happy hour in some time zone. I always find at this time my mind is flooded with ideas on what airports need most.
    1. Music/video game stores. I could waste time browsing and buying and if the had a demo station I would school some young boys in Madden.
    2. Soul Food Restaurant. I would sleep like a baby after eating some ribs.
    3. Strip club.  Please someone do this. I understand some people would miss flights with the distraction. I am just thinking of the boost to morale of airport workers if they could get a lappie during break.
    4. Masseuse.  Not the cheap mall set up either. I mean a spa with manicures, facials and saunas. Hell even a hot shower right now would be great.
Any of these would be better than these uncomfortable chairs and overpriced news stands.

The Skinny Fat Kid

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  1. This is truly brilliant. I would have less disdain for airports if they wised up and made themselves more entertaining.