Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I have not forgotten you

   I know I have not updated in the last few weeks. I really should have. I not only wanted to give you a strong  finish for Pasta Month but to announce Decembers focus. A busy schedule in and outside of work saw to it that such was not the case. I have decided to finish up my pasta post in the next few weeks. There are some exciting tales of Osteria and Garces Trading Company which both inspired as well as amazed me. I also wanted to travel to the Italian Market and South Philadelphia. So the next few weeks will finish out a pasta focus. I will be kind of busy recipe testing for a culinary suicide mission at the end of the month.
   On Christmas Day I will be hosting a brunch for my family and the following day I will take over Festivus responsibilities for what I am calling The Feast of the Seven Fat Kids. I know I am crazy to do back to back parties at home, but I am excited. The initial focus for December will now be tackled in January. Hint it will be part of The Feast of  the Seven Fat Kids. February is my planned Foie Gras Month and I have some exciting things in mind for 2010 as a whole.
   Be patient in the coming days and weeks. I will reward you with good stuff. Speaking of good stuff and the holiday season; I wanted to send the gift of thanks. Yes Virginia; there is a Santa Claus. Two of them in fact. within days of my letter to Santa. I received an offer from a friend and a delivery from Amazon. special thanks to "Pony Boy" and "The Thorns" for making this a great holiday season.

The Skinny Fat Kid

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