Monday, December 13, 2010

Can I Live?...(Four Loko Dinner at Adsum part 2....The Food)

   Bravery is a rare commodity. I applaud Chef Matt Levin for doing this dinner and also for doing it well.  Before you read further, if you have an issue with the idea of a Four Loko dinner please read my response here. There are not many places in Philadelphia where you can get a 3 course dinner with 4 drinks for $35. Definitely one this good. I make no claims that Four Loko is a tasty beverage. There are some flavors better than others, but I think this taste test sums it up.

  The meal started with a welcome drink, a Four Loko cocktail. The combination of  Malibu rum, Blue Raspberry Loko and blue curacao proved to be tasty. I was skeptical, mostly skeptical of my own skepticism. All that was put to bed with the taste of Orange Loko. If someone can finish a whole can of that stuff, they might have superpowers. 50 cent might hire you as a shield. The dish of house made lamb sausage and peppers was stunning. It reminded me that one of my next goals in home cooking is to start making my own sausage.
   Second course brought a barbecue platter. Barbecued pork shoulder with baked beans, fried chicken and coleslaw.  This was paired with my favorite of the Loko beverages, Lemonade. I could see  being able to drink many cold cans of this on a hot day. I could also feel the buzz beginning and understand how drunk you could potentially get off these drinks.
   Dessert was pain perdu with berries. It was accompanied with a Loko slushee and mixed berries and Friut Punch Loko. Fruit Punch Loko wasn't to bad, but the dish did bring back a memory. It reminded me of the first time I mixed alcohol and dairy. Please do not ever drink 2 pitchers of Mad Elf and eat 2 bowls of cereal right after, but that is a story for another day.
   I had a wonderful meal. It was a great value and now I am off to head home and drink tequila. Thanks again Chef.

The Skinny Fat Kid

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