Monday, August 2, 2010

Getting Started

     I just wanted to introduce myself and talk a little about what to expect in the coming months. I am Brian, the Skinny Fat Kid. This blog will be a journal of my appetite and cravings. I have long been enamored with food and been a glutton. I have also been blessed for most of my life with a very fast metabolism. Although my metabolism is slowing my love for eating is showing no signs of letting up.
Each month I will focus on one food. I will eat that food item at least 20 times during the month. I may even eat it once a day for the entire month.  I will try it at a number of restaurants and even cook at home. 
    This blog is not for reviews. I am not a professional food writer, although i do work in the restaurant business and eat way to much. I already have a few foods planned to be featured. September will be fried chicken month. If any readers have ideas for a food you would like to see featured or have restaurant suggestions feel free to leave a comment or an email.
    I hope you will all enjoy reading as much as i will enjoy bringing this too you.

Skinny Fat Kid

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