Monday, October 4, 2010

Wrong Side of the tracks..... (South Philly Tap Room)

 When I moved to Northern Liberties over six years ago someone issued a warning. They told me the downside of this or any neighborhood in Philadelphia was that I would stay in it too often. I scoffed at the notion much like I do with any such statement. There is no way you are going to tell me that with all the wonderful places in Philly to eat I will stay local too often. I will admit I was wrong. Although I do travel throughout the city and neighboring states packing in the calories, I spend a huge chunk of time near home. There is a reason some places are called neighborhood places.
  Quite often I find myself turning down invites for post work cocktails based on where people are going. I factor in taxi cost and travel time and sometimes the commitment to reward just don't even out. My South Philadelphia friends love their Grace, Royal and SPTR as much as I love my Silk City and North 3rd. None of us are wrong, but we are all a little stubborn. Having only been to South Philly tap Room for the most special occasions (pre- Eagles game brunch and the engagement of my little brother,) I was surprised to find there was another reason to head to SPTR.
   I am of course speaking of September's obsession; fried chicken. Chef Scott Schroeder has been getting a lot of well deserved props on his great menu. I lost count of the number of tacos I have eaten there while meeting friends. I recently started to hear more people talking about his fried chicken and decided to take the trip. the fried chicken is listed only on the specials menu, but I understand that it has become a staple there so you shouldn't have trouble getting it. There is also a warning that it does take time to prepare and advice on ordering some appetizers while you wait. I decided on the guacamole which was great and settled in with an Allagash. The word on the street about the fried chicken is correct. Crispy skin, and what has to be the best seasoned chicken I have so far.
   Other places have done a great job seasoning the flour or cornmeal coating , but at SPTR you can taste seasoning in the meat itself and the flavor in the brine shines through. This also one of the most generous portions I have gotten yet. I am a luck guy I must say. Although I have to narrow down the 5 best in the next week, The competition keeps heating up. I left SPTR with a full stomach after an excellent meal. Since it isn't often I get down to South Philly I will probably take in some culture as well. I hear they are lovely shows at The Dolphin.  

The Skinny Fat Kid

South Philly Tap Room

1509 Mifflin St.
Philadelphia, PA 19145

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