Saturday, September 4, 2010

Other Side of The World (Adsum)



Fried Chicken, Collards, Ham Hocks, Hot Sauce

   Kids say the dumbest things. I remember the often repeated myth of my childhood regarding a shortcut to China. Since China was on the “opposite” side of the globe, you only need dig a hole deep enough to lose out on frequent flyer miles. I was reminded of this fabled shortcut during a recent trip to Adsum.

    I had long planned to visit Adsum for the fried chicken. I was actually planning to wait until mid month because of the hype and to give a new restaurant a chance to breathe. Twitter changed all that. I like it when business people truly explore new technology. I like it more when they actually use it. After reading a tweet about a bacon wrapped corn dog special and some back and forth banter, I decided to head down.

   Adsum is located on the 700 block of South 5th Street and I live on the 700 block of North 5th Street. I am now left wondering if I could grab a shovel and dig my way there every day. I would happily say goodbye to my parfait breakfast for a plate of Chef Matt Levin’s biscuits. I would eat more leafy greens if it were Ramen sized bowl of the collard greens. Hear This! I know it is quite early in Fried Chicken Month for such bold statements; but if you dare serve collards and biscuits with your chicken you will be judged by Adsum’s.

   I could live off the biscuits and collards alone, but the chicken was damn good as well. 3 lb. milk fed Lancaster birds sous vide in buttermilk and herbs. After this 12-24 hour trip in the Hot Tub Time Machine they are dredged in cornstarch/flour mixture and fried to order. Six minutes later getting ready to meet The Skinny Fat Kid. Thirty minutes later I was already breaking my rule about second visits and planning another fried chicken trip.

   I was also treated to the pleasure of speaking with the chef about the process among other things (our burger conversation was filled with quotables). He’s a really nice guy and as cool as I imagined he would be. Then again I would expect nothing else from a guy who tweets about 50 Tyson.
I’m Skinny Fat Kid, I’m Skinny Fat Kid, I’m Skinny Fat Kid,

700 South 5th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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