Monday, September 13, 2010

The Big Greasy....2 a days in New Orleans Part 1. (Dooky Chase)

“Since we have to fry the chicken it will about 15 minutes"
-girl at Dooky Chase-

-Skinny Fat Kid-


  According to google maps Dooky Chase Restaurant is 1.6 miles from my hotel. I know that I could just hop a cab, bus, or trolley car, but if you are about to do what I am, you should just walk. The other chicken spot I am planning to visit; Willie Mae's is just around the corner from Dooky Chase and though the smart move would be to do them a day apart, I am not The Skinny Smart Kid. It’s time for 2 a days.
  With only a short break in between I will conquer both places and then head back to drink the much needed cold beers I have on ice. From the outside Dooky Chase is an unassuming place with a real neighborhood feel. Inside awaits a dining room dressed in white tablecloths and filled with a mixture of southern regulars and tourist. Large framed art hangs nonchalantly on its crimson walls as servers in white dress shirts and aprons dance around the dining room. This is the south you hear about. The sugar sweet hospitality and comfort food served in generous portions.

  It is also a restaurant with history. A staple in the Treme area of New Orleans since the forties it was one of the restaurants that remained shuttered for a stint after Katrina. It is just the kind of place that has meaning for so many of the residents in that community and for food aficionados such as myself. I soon got to find out what all the fuss was about.

  The fried chicken here was truly divine. There are times when you can tell how good something will taste just by looking at it. this was truly one of those. Juicy chicken underneath a crisp skin that is the result of a a coating in seasoned flour after and soak in an egg and evaporated milk batter. This is the first time that I have seen evaporated milk instead of the more common buttermilk but I plan to see if anyone else has used this. I can also give high marks to the sweet potatoes. All in all a great meal and some of the best i have has this month.

  The Skinny Fat Kid 

2301 Orleans Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70119-5025

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