Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Big Greasy....2 a days in New Orleans Part 2. (Willie Mae's Scotch House)

I arrive at Willie Mae's to a scene one would expect of a James beard recognized landmark; a line. Not just one outside but a line inside the back dining room along a wall near the restroom. This place draws tourist. A lot of them. I am sure they all arrived in their air-conditioned rental cars while I am still dripping sweet from my walk. Where's the dedication? Maybe I will freak them out by ordering some chicken at Dooky Chase and eating it while waiting for a table at Willie Mae's.

That's right I am eating fried chicken while waiting in line to eat fried chicken. “Bask in my thugnificience”

The atmosphere is different at Willie Mae's. No tablecloths here, just wooden veneer tables and simple chairs. Just about every table has just ordered and the line is about 20 deep. Each of the 4 seats at the bar are also occupied, so much like Dooky chase I will take it to go and eat outside.
Willie Mae's fried chicken differs from Dooky Chase’s in appearance. The coating seems to have an almost tempura like quality instead of adhering to the meat closely. This is due to a wet batter. Usually when I see skin sitting far off the meat i get nervous that it will slide right off. Results however are delicious. Moist breast meat, great red beans and rice and finally sweet tea that doesn't remind me of an upcoming dentist appointment. This was great fried chicken. I don’t think it is the beast in America as many have called it, but great nonetheless. If you find yourself in New Orleans it is worth the visit and the wait.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Willie Mae's Scotch House
2401 Saint Ann Street
New Orleans, LA 70119

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