Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nostalgia Accomplished.... (Jones)

   Back when I was contemplating a return to Philly I remember driving past Jones. I saw a packed restaurant that seem to be buzzing with activity one weekday night.  I thought about two things; first that this might be a cool place to grab a drink and also that I might want to work there. A peek at the corduroy pants uniform later I changed my mind. But one thing that always stuck with me was the fact they had Chicken and Waffles on the menu. It has taken years for me to get around to trying it and I am glad I did. Inquirer writer Rick Nichols compared the fried chicken to KFC. After trying it I understand why. The seasoning in the crust is very similar and the overall texture of the crust is dead on. I doubt the have a pressure cooker back there, but you never know. I think the fried chicken here was good. My only minor quibble is that I like a bit more crunch to the skin.
   I do have one major complaint though. The Chicken and waffles wasn't available on the brunch menu. I personally feel there are only 2 times to east chicken and waffles. The first of course would be at brunch with syrup not chicken gravy. The second would be when you are stoned at 3 am leaving Magic City smelling of stripper perfume. Until you can get down to Atlanta however pop on in to Jones for a chicken that will take you back to your child hood.

The Skinny Fat Kid

700 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia , PA 19106

241 Forsyth Street Southwest
Atlanta, GA 30303-3701
(404) 584-5847

By the way magic city is right near the greyhound station. If you find yourself with time to kill before a bus ride...................

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