Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wild Wild West.... Thinking Outside the Box Part 1. ( Distrito)

Yes fried chicken at a Mexican restaurant. And it's sooooooo good.

   It has been a long time since Distrito’s chef de cuisine told me he was putting fried chicken on the menu. I was even fortunate enough to get an early taste of it in its pre-menu stages. The District Chicken was the first time I could remember having fried chicken that I liked more than mom’s. The organic chicken is done in a chile pepper/ garlic brine, sous vide, soaked in buttermilk and coated in a seasoned flour. After frying it is tossed in a Chile/Orange glaze
and served with yuca fries , confit tomatoes and  a salad of poblanos and nopales. 
   This is truly good eating and one of my favorites of fried chicken month so far.

The Skinny Fat Kid

3945 Chestnut Street (entrance on 40th)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 222-1657 

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