Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Ain't no other kings of this rap thing"....Village Whiskey

   Last spring I attempted burger induced suicide. Sounds dramatic right. I really don't know how else to describe it. In Summer of 2009 Grub Street posted a list of 22 notable burgers. I probably should have taken it for what it was; a list. I took it as a challenge. In spring of 2010 I tried them all as well as a few new comers in about two and a half weeks. 25 burgers in two and a half weeks. There was one adjustment I made to the list. I only had tried the regular Village Whiskey burger, not its big brother the Whiskey King. With the craving for burgers finally returning I decided it was time.
   The Whiskey King should not be as good as it is. It should be an example of trying to do to much and something getting lost in the process. I went in thinking it would be like the first times I was allowed to dress myself as a kid. I wore all of my favorite things. They just did not go together. If I had kept those outfits until a year ago and got a fixed speed bike, I'd be killing it right now. Every bite of this burger was heaven. The cipollinis, the bacon and the blue cheese alone would make it great. The foie gras put it over the top. This hands down the best burger I think I have ever had. If I did not have to work I might have the best nap I ever had.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Village Whiskey
118 South 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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