Saturday, February 19, 2011

"Pimp C the wings on the Undeground King"...... Barbuzzo

While the big dogs in Philly compete for real estate and market share, two ladies took a different route. They hustled the old fashioned way. Start on a corner, take over the block. I always wonder when they will start to get the magazine covers. They most certainly have the followers. Since the opening of Barbuzzo the accolades have come pouring in. There has of course been talk of the pizzas and pastas. The salted caramel budino has probably made a few "Turney fiends" contemplate selling toasters in order to afford more. Lunch for me was about another addictive dish in a jar; chicken liver and foie gras mousse.
I am happy to say that I can now echo the adoration. They foie gras mousse was a wonderful start to my day. I even found joy in the pickled beets. One of my least favorite foods was the perfect compliment to a new found favorite dish. I also enjoyed the pizza with brussel sprout leaves and farm egg. I have long lived by the mantra "put an egg on it" to solve all flavor problems. I will now add "put it in a jar" inspired by the ladies of 13th street. (I would say put it in a glass but this is a family blog)

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