Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I swear I am alive.

I know that my posting this month has been sporadic and quite lean. I apologize. This month has been more difficult than expected due to my arch nemisis , Mother Nature. As a restaurant employee who works evenings I do not often find myself able to get to restaurants before closing time in most kitchens. Add to the fact a lot of the places that serve moles only do so at night and you have a lot of day-off eating. When your days off coincide with winter storms it makes you wonder. Is eating my Sunday night football game with Michael Nutter and Roger Godell playing spoiler? Why is it getting harder to be a fat kid? Alas mole month is done...almost. I have one more to try tomorrow and all post will be up in the next 2 days. Then I am getting ready to unleash a special February.

Thanks for your patience
The Skinny Fat Kid
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