Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Back when they though pink Polo's would hurt the ROC"....... (Distrito)

Early in the expansion of the Graces empire Jose turned his eyes westward. While looking to expand into new territory, he also wanted to settle unfinished business. Garces, before setting out on his own was the mind behind El Vez, a Mexican restaurant in the Starr organization. He was finishing what he started for another and bringing many, including my skinny-fat self a new restaurant to love.
In Philadelphia it is easy to find cuisine from Puebla, Mexico. Most of the Mexican population in Philadelphia and the restaurant industry at large hails from the region. Bad news is you see Mole Poblano almost exclusively. Distrito is one of the places that has variety in its mole offerings and its small plate menu allows you to do what I love the most; eat as many things as possible.
Distrito’s Mole offerings are Mole Poblano with duck breast, Mole Verde with pork belly and Mole Amarillo with rabbit. I decided to do all 3.
The Mole Poblano was one of my favorite renditions that I've had this month. The texture was great and the flavor beautifully complemented the duck breast. Mole Amarillo made with yellow peppers and tomatoes was served over rabbit loin and garnished with diced grilled pineapple. The sauce itself was beautiful and the pineapple added just a touch of sweetness. For those afraid to try rabbit I say to you this is the one you should do to ease your way in. The Mole Verde was served with braised Berkshire pork belly. The garnish of pumpkin seeds added the one thing i find lacking in most Mole Verde, texture.
A truly special dish was in order this night as well. In February, Distrito’s Chef De Cuisine  Maria Schmidt is offering a special tasting menu on Wednesday nights. the menu is Oaxacan themed and the 4th course is Mole Negro with roasted pheasant and pomegranate . This dish stole the show like a whistling Omar Little. Other highlights on the tasting were the Cocido Verde and Banana and Cajete empanandas.
If you are looking to try the most moles in one place Distrito should be on your list.

The Skinny Fat Kid

3945 Chestnut Street (entrance on 40th

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