Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quack History Month.............. (Foie Gras and the Fat Kid)

 With the glow of an episode of the Boondocks in the background, the resilient remains of the flu in my head and chest, and dreams of fattened liver in my mind, I stare in disbelief. Am I really doing this???? I remember when I got the idea for this blog last summer, one of the months I though about was dedicated  to Foie Gras. I realized the insanity of it. Foie Gras after all is something I and many others order as a luxury. It isn't intended, I believe as something to eat almost every day for a month. It is also one of the most expensive months of eating I will probably experience.
   Foie Gras quite simply is the fattened liver of  a duck or goose. It is generally served seared or in a torchon and also makes it way into  mousse, parfaits and pates. While it has been considered an item of luxury in restaurants around the world it has also been at the center of controversy. The process in which it is created  (gavage) has been the center of debate although some places have been attempting more "humane" ways of producing it.
   I will stay out of the debate. I will stay in the restaurants and my kitchen. In the next weeks I will try some of the classic representations as well as explore some of the more interesting dishes I have come across. At home I plan on attempting dishes that range from charcuterie to dessert.  I hope to recreate a dish that is no longer on the menu at one of Philadelphia's best restaurants. I also am planning a field trip to the farm of one our largest domestic producers.
   This should get interesting. If you have any suggestions for places to visit or know any chefs that would like to be interviewed let me know.

The Skinny Fat Kid
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