Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't get too close because you might get shot...(Deborah's Kitchen)

  Girard Avenue is an interesting place. I said once in a rant that maybe it should be scrapped and started all over. It has stretches that just seem like they will never be full of life. I think the symbol of what Girard can be is promising. However what it symbolizes is more interesting. I see Girard as one of the last untouched neighborhoods near the center of Philadelphia. On the side of Girard closest to me there are a few new shops and restaurants opening. My favorite place in the world Paesano's is among them.  I am sure we are not too far away from the gentrification army trying to rename it something stupid like "Girard Corridor". On the side closest to Deborah's kitchen they like to call it Brewerytown. Nice try.
  In the section I refuse to refer to by that name sits a small takeout spot which is apparently owned by the aunt of a famous football player. He caught many balls from an MVP quarterback and allegedly packs heat that he is not afraid to use.( I'm joking so please do not send me nasty emails. I am only hear to talk about food not criminal investigations.)
  Deborah's is located on an lively block located near some of the revered soul food establishments in Philadelphia. Only a few blocks away lies Butter's, a place I have had the pleasure of visiting in the past. Although Deborah's location is in no way convenient it is worth that trip. I had good fried chicken and yams. I found the skin to be well seasoned and crisp and the breasts meat to be juicy and full of flavor. I will say the collards were underseasoned and the cornbread was not great either. I also had some fried fish which was quite tasty. Deborah's is also located just a few doors from a Lincoln Fried Chicken (same company as Crown Fried Chicken) which I visited for a 2 pice snack box before driving home. Crown still hold up even against Deborah's.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Deborah's Kitchen
2608 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19130-1316
(215) 763-3327

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