Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was all a dream..............(Debreaux's)

"Soul food is not fast food" ~ Debreaux's
"Debreaux's food is definitely not fast food" ~ The Skinny Fat Kid

  I have eaten out a lot. I have eaten a lot of soul food. I have even recently been eating a lot of fried chicken and had some orders take a good amount of time (up to a half an hour). Yet while I sat at Debraux's I could not help but notice the passage of time. I was sitting in this small place outside of Overbrook station excited about the idea of trying this and hopping the train back to Center City to do one more before work. I was unfazed by the oncoming rainstorm and the lack of battery life on my cell phone. Soon I would have fried chicken at 2 different restaurants and was a few hours away from making money. Eating and money, two of my favorite things. Before you suggest combining them; let me say money isn't very tasty.
  I noticed quickly that this was a small mom and pop eatery and was happy that the menu did carry the quote above about soul food. Working in restaurants for a long time I am surprised how impatient people can be when it comes to waiting a reasonable amount of time for quality.  However while Debraux's definitely has quality down, timeliness is not a strong point. I entered at 1:00 p.m. and ordered and did not receive my order until 1:50 p.m. No exaggeration. 50 minutes.  I know that this must have been a fluke and is probably not close to the average wait time, but it did throw off my schedule of eating for the day and made me wish I had taken a nap.
  The chicken itself was delicious. It was probably closest to my mother's in flavor and style and the portion was quite generous. Anyone not calling themselves a skinny fat kid could have broken it into two meals, but I have a reputation to protect. I can recommend this place given the overall quality and the menu does make me want to try other things. I will however probably call ahead next time and bring more DS games.

The Skinny Fat Kid

2135 N 63rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19151-2612
(215) 877-4559

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