Monday, October 4, 2010

  I will start with a bit of honesty. I have eaten at Silk City at least 200 times. It is conveniently located just 2 blocks form the fortress of solitude I call Bri-Bar. But even as much as I love my apartment, there are times when I need to eat and don't feel like cooking. Most of these times are attached to long night at work and the need for a kitchen that stays open late enough to feed me. I have eaten at Silk so many times that I usually only order off the menu of specials. I have had almost everything on the menu so many times I need to try new items. Like I said almost everything. A few months ago when pondering my dinner choice with some friends I decided on one of the 2 items I have never ordered, the fried chicken.
   I was in love with the first bite. How did so much time pass while I missed out on this hidden gem? As much as I complain about the lack of places in this neighborhood for soul food, I have never tried this dish. I had the chicken for the second time in September and was pleased to find it just as good. The jalapeno cornbread and chorizo green beans are just as tasty.
   If you are ever in my neighborhood you should make it a point to eat at Silk City. Great food, Great music, Great fried chicken.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Silk City
5th & Spring Garden
Philadelphia, PA

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