Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some How, Some Way....(Danny's Wok)

Quick Disclaimer...This post might not be for you.

If you have never seen 'hot cheese' popcorn this post might not be for you.
If you have never eaten them all now and saved none for later this post might not be for you.
If you don't know that 'red' is in fact a flavor this post might not be for you.
If you actually know the name of the man at your corner store and don't just call him 'papi' this post might not be for you.

This post is for a friend. @craftsyr
   When I first told my friend about my fried chicken idea we spoke of the possibility of hitting a Chinese restaurant in the hood. My friend is an expert on Chinese restaurants. I am not speaking here of the noodle and dumpling operations in the beloved Chinatown. I am speaking of the types of places described by Beanie Sigel . The places my friend refers to as "yellow signs"
   My buddy told me without hesitation the place to go was at 58th and Baltimore, Danny's Wok. He told me how throughout West and Southwest Philadelphia this place is revered. I actually recently found a Facebook page dedicated to it. So before work one afternoon I took the subway and trolley rides necessary to experience fried chicken at Danny's.
   Danny's is a rather nondescript place in a small strip of shops. Unassuming in every way possible. The standard bulletproof glass and soiled menus posted on the walls are of course present. The first thing that stood out was the 'wing chart' a huge sign that list the cost of every amount of wings you could possibly ever need to order. This places has prices up to 400 wings. My friend told me he knows of people who have catered their weddings from Danny's.
   We grabbed our fried chicken, some vegetable fried  rice and headed across the parking lot to find outdoor seating at Checkers. (real 'yellow signs' don't have tables. Craft mentioned that the true masterpiece meal is Danny's fried chicken and Checker's fries. I wasn't quite ready for that especially before work. The last time I ate at Checker's I needed a nap. Fried chicken was actually really good at Danny's. I am not typically a fan of fried chicken wings at such places , but wasn't pleasantly surprised. The combination of that with the fried rice and a kiwi-strawberry Mistic took my memories back to a simpler time. That beautiful sunny day was only ruined by the fact that I had to work that evening. So of I went on a nice afternoon walk towards work. And about 3 block from there suddenly the idea of Checker's fries sounded pretty awesome.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Danny's Wok
5750 Baltimore Ave Philadelphia, PA 19143
(215) 471-9020

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