Friday, October 22, 2010

Brush yourself off and try again.. (Meme)

  I first heard of Meme's lunch deal awhile back. Long before I even thought of blogging there were internet and real life whispers of this fried chicken. I had been meaning to try it, but always  found my Thursday afternoons busy. I have heard from friends who did make the trip about how 'incomplete' my blog would be if I didn't try Meme's fried chicken. So I decided to make plans for a trip.
   It was not easy to make it happen. My first attempt was thwarted by a timing issue. I had made a trip to Overbrook station based on a tip about good fried chicken. I had given myself ample time to catch a train back, hit Meme for lunch and still get to work on time that evening. It was not meant to be as it took the spot in Overbrook 50 minutes to complete my order. Septa then decided to engage in its pastime of not being on time and I found myself abandoning the Meme quest. My second attempt got me to the entrance of the restaurant to find they had sold out of fried chicken. Finally on my third attempt I was fortunate enough to get to try it.
   My server explained to me that Thursday lunch at Meme only had one option; fried chicken. While I found this to be a partial gift of music to my ears, I also found myself a bit unnerved that they had run out the previous week. I work in restaurants and I understand running out of items on the menu. It was puzzling that you would run out of the only thing on the menu. Instead of trying to wrap my head around the idea I decided to just wrap my lips around some food.
   The first thing you notice about David Katz's fried chicken is the beauty. I wish that I had a really cool camera like the food stylist use. No picture I could take could really do these 2 pieces of chicken justice. Taste was exceptional as well. served with so far the best biscuit I have had this month. I will admit that as much as I pondered doing it, I could not bring myself to order a Miller High Life. I do have champagne taste but not for the "champagne of beers". I was lucky to have what may make the top 5 in "champagne of chicken".

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