Saturday, October 2, 2010

Meet me at the crossroads.......... (Resurrection Ale House)


   I'll be the first to admit this place receives a lot of press. One publication even went as far as to say it is one of the top 10 places for fried chicken in the country. And just as it started to get all this praise the unfortunate happened. I spoke to a few friends who had tried stopping by on multiple occasions to find they were sold out. Sold Out????? On multiple occasions????
   I have never been known as a patient man. I was even considering skipping the place altogether. I had this horrible feeling that after traveling to the other side of the city to enjoy this treat, I would be told there was no chicken to be had. I pictured my head sinking as I walked away red in the face and empty in the stomach. I instead decided to go early after the opened for lunch to ensure the best statistical chance of deep fried nirvana. I must say I am glad I did.
   Resurrection Ale House is a small bar in Philadelphia's Grays Ferry section. I was amazed by the small size of the place, but I think it is the perfect bar. My dining companion often commented on how nice it was to see a place that was manageable instead of another mega restaurant. It is too often nowadays to see everything done in such large scale instead of smaller places where they just "nail it". I did also mention to my friend that if this place were in my neighborhood I would frequent it more often. Although most of the ale house's praise goes to its beer list and fried chicken the other dishes we tried were quite good as well.
   But lets talk chicken. Buttermilk and hot sauce soaked, seasoned with Lawry's and twice fried. The first frying is done to cook it most of the the way. The second perhaps inspired by pomme frites for final crisp. (Don't worry French Fry month is coming.) I cannot speak for the rest of the country, but I can say this is some of the best that I had in Philadelphia. I am happy that I got to try it and would go back for it as well as for the octopus and duck.

The Skinny Fat Kid

Resurrection Ale House
2425 Grays Ferry Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19146-2450
(215) 735-2202

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