Friday, October 1, 2010

Thinking Inside the Box (The fast food edition)

      Imma Need a Suit....... (Church's)

  Church's Chicken is average. I thought the crust a little heavy. I will say they do get the spicy thing right. I have had a few renditions of spicy fast food fried chicken and Church's was the most consistent.

     Fat By Popular Demand ....(Popeye's)

   This was disappointing. After hearing so much love for Popeye's and listening to The Clipse way to much I was excited. Excitement went out the window when I received my order. I picked up each piece of chicken and the skin pulled away. The resulting box of skinless chicken and my handful of greasy skin was not appealing to say the least. Although my visit to Popeye's in New Orleans beat the culinary mecca that is The Gallery, it still did not save the franchise. If you should ignore the diet advice of Pusha T and Malice however you may find the red beans and rice are a better way to go. 

     My Chain Heavy....(Crown Fried Chicken)

   There are people who will disagree with this assesment. Some even disagree with the idea of me eating fast food fried chicken, but Crown is the best fast food fried chicken. I am sure someone will tell me more about how heavenly "fresh Popeye's" is. Based on my experiences this month, Crown holds the crown.

The Skinny Fat Kid

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