Friday, October 29, 2010

Young Eastwood just tryin to eat good....(JG Domestic)

Jidori Chicken , White Yam, Chicken Liver Gravy

    Let's be honest. Jose Garces is no longer a mere man. He isn't even just a chef anymore; he's a brand. He has reached a level where just the mention of his name elicits response. If you have ever been present in one of his restaurants when he is you will know what I am talking about. I was very excited to hear that he would have a fried chicken dish on the menu at his newest restaurant JG Domestic. JG Domestic is another departure for Jose from his Latin food driven empire that looks to embrace the best U.S. farmers have to offer. He does a great job of it too.
   Much like the District Chicken at Garces' Modern mexican outpost Distrito, the fried chicken is sous vide before frying. At JG Domestic Chef de Cuisine Dave Conn uses Jidori Chicken that he crust in cornflakes and serves over a delicious white yam puree with a chicken liver gravy and red cabbage slaw. Juicy breast meat beneath a crispy cornflake crust. An all around good dish, but if you are in the neighborhood for a late lunch or happy hour there is one thing you must get. The greatest bar snack ever is the dish of Hickory Smoked Georgia Pecans. Get over there as soon as possible to eat these. They and some other great salads and sandwiches are well worth the trip.

Hickory Smoked Georgia Pecans

The Skinny Fat Kid

JG Domestic
Cira Centre, Ground Floor
2929 Arch Street, Philadelphia
Phone: 215-222-2363

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